Location, Location, Location

Looking at the current school facility locations and the Newman site by the numbers.  What does it mean that the current high school is centrally located?  It means more options for students to get to school both for the regular school day and for extracurriculars (this is especially important for lower income families who may not have a driver or a vehicle available to permit their children to fully participate).  It means less time in vehicles for the students in aggregate (a significant safety increase).  It means the possibility (currently not pursued in any way) of reducing transportation costs.

This graph shows that there are 29% of the high school age residents of the district living within 1 mile of the current site versus only 9% within 1 mile of the Newman site.  And then at 2 miles, the Newman site radius starts to encroach on the developed center and its percentage starts to rise.  But it  remains substantially lower than the in town site and, given its adjacency to the prison grounds, has no options for much increase in nearby accessibility, and, of course, remains unwalkable on the basis of inadequate infrastructure.

student travel distance

Another way of thinking about this is to consider the total distance traveled from student residences to the school site in a day.  Currently, that comes to 1520 student miles per day and at the proposed site it will be 1977 student miles per day.  That is based simply on the straight line distance from each residence to the school location.  You can see that it entails actually a 30% increase in aggregate travel, but, since many of those closest to the current school also have the most direct route, it is assumed that route inefficiencies for those traveling further would moderate the overall increase.  The median distance for the population of students for the current site is 1.66 miles and for the new site is 2.63 miles.

location average

Yellow dots show the location of all high school age population from the 2010 Census. Red triangle is current high school location. Green triangle is Newman. Blue circle is average location of all high school students, .3 miles from the current high school and .4 miles from Linntown Elementary.


We hope to update the map below to include a 1.5 mile radius as well.  It will up the numbers for all the sites, including Newman, but the proportions will be even more striking.  With the one mile numbers, we see that 40% of the residences in the district are within 1 mile of the existing high school.  14% are within the same distance of the Newman site and none of them are walkable.  For further insight into how to assess walkability, see the page dedicated to Walk Score.

LASD residence GIS info.xls



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